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Co-Founder Tony Duffin inspecting a solar array.

We are low-carbon energy specialists with a strong track record of delivering commercial projects in a range of technologies.

We have renewable energy expertise covering solar PV, wind, hydro and biomass and also cover energy efficiency.

Directors Alan Mathewson, Jo Fleming and Tony Duffin have ~100 man-years of energy sector experience between them.


About Us

Our team has wide experience of the range of conventional and emerging energy technologies. We have advised and supported small and large companies, private individuals and corporate investors as well as government and industry.

Our approach is straightforward; we provide the advice and support you need to help you achieve your aims. This can be through consultancy advice and reports, technical and financial modelling or in partnership with developers and funders to implement projects. We have worked in the kW to MW scale of projects.

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Alan Mathewson

A business development professional with over 30 years in the Energy Market both in the UK and overseas covering all technologies such as nuclear, conventional and renewables.

Ensures projects are not only technically achievable but also commercially viable.

Has extensive experience in negotiating with government agencies, local authorities, statutory consultees and the public.

Demonstrates strong analytical, problem solving and decision-making skills together with excellent communication skills.

Committed to delivering sustainable low carbon solutions with direct benefits to local communities

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Jo Fleming

Has worked in the energy sector since 1995, working internationally as strategy consultant and in UK renewables development of since 2001.

Has worked in and for UK utilities, traders, oil majors and start ups on wide range of conventional and unconventional technologies.

Strong analytical skills, taking responsibility for development of technical and financial models. PhD in petroleum geophysics, MBA of the Year Finalist for The Independent Newspaper

Experience of early stage technology development and project delivery through planning to operation.

Was converted to renewables and "soft energy paths" in 1990 when he first came across Amory Lovins.

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Tony Duffin

An engineer with over 30 years' experience in consulting of which over 25 has been in emerging energy technologies.

Has helped developers, banks and innovators to progress their ideas.

Experience on all renewables, energy efficiency, buildings energy technologies and energy storage.

Passionate about accelerating to a cost-effective, low-carbon, post-fossil fuel future. Home bread maker, organic gardener and cyclist.


Development of energy storage technologies and understanding the markets in which they will have to operate.

Site screening of land assets for renewable energy development.

Energy surveys and advice on economic opportunities to save energy, emissions and money.

Working with architects to create low-energy comfortable cost-effective buildings which integrate appropriate technologies and products from the design concept stage.

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